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photo by Maïté Pouleur


Born in 1979 in France, Nod Akami was attracted to computer art at 11 with his first Atari, and started learning about 3D ray-tracing, MIDI music and fractals, topics about which he’s kept learning since then, expanding his interests in both computer creativity and electronic music.
He now works in the fields of electronic music, digital collage, and video.

As a self-taught creator, Nod Akami’s working processes are inspired by surrealists’ automatic-writing, using experimentation as a way to explore intuition, randomness, mathematics and generative art. Be it in music or images, he works with collages of material which emerged from randomness and improvisation, then carefully selected, molded and reassembled.

After practicing digital collage through still pictures, he went into video through video-jockey (VJ) tools as a way to push collage to the animated form. After learning new tools for fractal animation and video generation, he now also works on assembling his own music and personal videos.


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SIRET : 511 874 018 00019
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